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Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre | San Diego, California

Vance Joy

Acclaimed folk and indie pop legend Vance Joy brings his heartfelt tunes to the Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air theatre this fall. On the breezy evening of Friday 6th September 2024, fans will experience an vibe filled with the sweet symphonies of an artist who has touched millions.

This astounding concert brings one of the top country stars in country music today for a good ol’ show that you won’t want to miss. Best of all, this concert will feature the style and charm that could only come from Nashville is coming to San Diego with what may be the top and hottest concert of this fall. There’s a reason why Vance Joy at Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre is being hailed as the “Hottest show” of 2024 and a potential for an award winning performance!

But if you want to catch the show live then you have to be there! So lace up your boots and secure your tickets. Because they may be on sale today but they won’t last long! Tickets from $132 per person. Click the buy tickets link below so you can order your tickets to see Vance Joy live at Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre in San Diego, California this coming Friday 6th September 2024!

Dream Your Life Away 2024 Tour

Country fans are in for an absolute treat as Vance Joy is going live at the Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre on Friday 6th September 2024! Vance Joy isn't just a new sensation of classic country hits, they are a supernova set to erupt onto the music scene thanks to their strikingly superb album released only last season.

This is bound to be the greatest show in the past years! Catch Vance Joy as they grace the music hall with their signature style that critics have long praised. As one of the foremost professionals when it comes to the realm of country music. Vance Joy, a celebrated singer-songwriter, has become a household name since his meteoric rise to fame. Garnering recognition with the enchanting single "Riptide", Vance has proven his special musical genius time and again. The worldwide singer-songwriter brings out the folk hits of the contemporary era in this in-demand gig. With his upcoming "Dream Your Life Away" 10th Anniversary Shows, Joy's San Diego performance is poised to be one of the highlights of his 2024 Country Roads Festival Tour.

Make the most of this chance to catch them live at a smaller, more intimate venue during this upcoming tour! The Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air theater, a gem in San Diego, stands as a evidence for the City's full past of superb LIVE performances. Located in San Diego, California, let Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre bring you back to the roots of country music. It has certainly become a go-to entertainment hub, hosting the biggest names as it solidifies its reputation as a top venue for live shows!

Vance Joy live at the Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre will truly be a superb concert that highlights the best parts of the unique genre. One click is all it takes for your ticket, so go ahead and purchase them now!

Vance Joy at Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

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