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Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre | San Diego, California

Lake Street Dive

This July 26th, music will know no limits in Lake Street Dive’s Friday night concert LIVE at the Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre! With over forty shows scheduled, our Boston-born band will set off on a summer-fall trip titled the “Good Together Tour,” hitting the United States and Canada with a soundwave of genre-bending melodies. Celebrate TWENTY YEARS of Lake Street Dive with Rachael Price, Bridget Kearney, Mike Calabrese, Akie Bermiss, and James Cornelison as they bust out some of their most critically acclaimed hits, such as “Hypotheticals,” “Better Than,” and “Good Kisser,” in a rapturous night of kaleidoscopic music. World-renowned for their funky neo-soul style and jazzy vintage vibes, our headlining act promises evocative performances of the Billboard-breaking albums that defined their eclectic discography, which include US Top Rock classics Obviously, Free Yourself Up, and Bad Self Portraits. Get your tickets now to join Lake Street Dive’s jamfest at San Diego’s stunning outdoor amphitheater!

Discover the intersection of soul, music, and color as founded by one of today’s most uniquely inventive bands of musicians! Bridging this year’s summer and fall seasons, Lake Street Dive has confirmed 42 must-see dates for their new North American series dubbed the “Good Together Tour.” Catch them LIVE in San Diego on July 26th to kickstart your weekend with a captivating concert special at the Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre!

“We’re going on our biggest tour yet!!! It’s gonna be a big ol’ party all around the United States and Canada and EVERYONE is invited! Looking for a place where you can get together with friends and strangers and dance the night away? Help is on the way! We cannot wait to set sail on this epic musical adventure. See you soon!” said the group in a recent statement.

Two whole decades since their debut, Lake Street Dive invites fans to a live event brimming with chromatic harmonies that bend and shape genres to their will. Close your eyes and let Independent Music Award winner Rachael Price spirit you away with her harrowingly beautiful voice, backdropped by eclectic soul-pop compositions by Bridget Kearney (bass), Mike Calabrese (drums), Akie Bermiss (keyboard), and James Cornelison (guitar).

The “Good Together” concert will be dedicated to our headliners’ resoundingly successful and innovative career, played to the tune of their GREATEST musical breakthroughs, which features the smash hits “Hypotheticals” and “Hush Money” from their newest LP, Obviously. Lake Street Dive will be plunging far and deep into the history of their neo-soul sound and songcraft, encapsulated in classic singles “I Can Change,” “Better Than,” and “Good Kisser,” beginning with their 2007 origin, through the string of Billboard Top Rock albums Bad Self Portraits, Side Pony, and Free Yourself Up, until their 2022 EP, Fun Machine: The Sequel.

We’ve picked out a setlist from one of the group’s latest concerts to give you a potential glimpse of their upcoming show!

Feels Like the Last Time
Baby, Don't Leave Me Alone With My Thoughts
Help Myself
Red Light Kisses
Love Doctor
Same Old News
My Heart's in Its Right Place
Better Not Tell You
Don't Let Me Down
I Want You Back
You're Still the One
Side Pony
Got Me Fooled
You Go Down Smooth
Good Kisser
Can't Help Falling in Love
Bad Self Portraits

Vibe and party the SoCal way as Lake Street Dive takes over San Diego this Friday, July 26th! Our venue, the Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre, offers its iconic stage to the band and its cascading rows of expertly sightlined seats to over 4,500 fans. Revel in prismatic vintage melodies enhanced by state-of-the-art acoustic systems and enjoy an unparalleled evening of world-class entertainment. Buy your tickets now!

Lake Street Dive at Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

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