Koe Wetzel at Cal Coast Credit Union Air Theatre

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Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre | San Diego, California

Koe Wetzel

The raw and authentic sound of outlaw country star Joe Wetzel will be heard loudly this Saturday, April 20, at the Cal Coast Credit Union Air Theatre as the rowdy Texas singer brings his 2024 tour to San Diego, California. Fans will surely be ecstatic as the "Creeps" hitmaker brings out his guitar and kills every song with his distinct raspy voice. As the biggest independent artist in the outlaw country music scene, Wetzel has been known to be one of Texas's most crowd-enraging performers. Thus, you and your concert buddies are guaranteed an incredible concert that is one for the books. Sing along to his massive hits, including "Good Die Young," "Better Without You," "Creeps," and many others. This country bad boy won't hold back in bringing you the most badass tunes that will make you feel the pulse of the Texas outlaw spirit right in the heart of San Diego. Adding to the excitement of the show is the inclusion of rising country musicians Tanner Usrey and Cam Allen, who will light up the crowd before Koe Wetzel takes center stage. If all these sound good to you, you better reserve your tickets early because they will likely sell out soon.

Rock & roll and outlaw country are good style combinations. One artist who is a master of this fusion is Koe Wetzel. His style is nicknamed "Hillbilly Punk-Rock," which he characterizes as a mish-mash of 90s country, hip-hop, grunge and 2000s punk rock. With a career that is only about a decade, he already made a name for himself in the rock and country music scene. He is still building his momentum, and country and rock listeners sure are excited about what he will pull out under his sleeves these coming years.

The rebellious rock/country star put out five albums in his career that started in 2015. His debut, "Out on Parole," received considerable success in the South thanks to his touring with the band he led. Koe Wetzel & the Konvicts helped establish his solo career in the early 2010s. However, he decided to drop the band name and go full-blown solo. After the debut warm-up, he broke out in 2016 with his rowdy album "Noise Complaint." This record was a hit in the South, more so among young listeners. The album songs "February 28, 2016," "Something to Talk About," and "Tell It All Town" became radio favorites that year.

When more people began to listen to his songs, record labels scrambled to have him on their roster. He settled with Red 11 Music for a year and then transferred to a related label called Floating Leaf Entertainment. His record label-supported album "Harold Saul High" thrived in 2019. The track, which has 14 songs, pushed him forward to greater heights, leading to receiving support from a major label - Columbia. This spawned "Sellout" in 2020. The songs "Drunk Driving," "Good Die Young," and "Kuntry & Wistern" are the standouts of this release.

The intensity of his success reached an all-time peak in his most recent album entitled "Hell Paso." Six songs ("Creeps," "April Showers," "Money Spent," "Cabo," "Oklahoma Sun," and "Sad Song") broke into multiple charts. "Creeps" was the best charting, peaking at the 12th spot on the Billboard US Rock chart.

On his tour this year, the rock/country star will perform at the Cal Coast Credit Union Air Theatre on April 20. Warming up for him are Tanner Usrey and Cam Allen. Both are rising country musicians who are expected to break into the scene anytime soon. Catch them there!

Koe Wetzel at Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

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