Hippie Sabotage at Cal Coast Credit Union Air Theatre

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Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre | San Diego, California

Hippie Sabotage

EDM trailblazers, Hippie Sabotage, is embarking on a brand-new tour. Known for their iconic remix of Tove Lo's "Habits (Stay High) with over a billion views to date, they quickly became one of the nation's hottest EDM acts. With an iconic remix fueling success for the aforementioned track, the hippies have sabotaged the scene, playing their own hard-hitting mixes and originals that the EDM world continues to rave on. Following last year's celebration for "Trailblazer", they're kicking off an exciting new trek slated for 2024. This time, they're bound to Enter the Unknown, on tour. Catch them perform their hottest mixes and hits at Cal Coast Credit Union Air Theatre on Friday, March 29. You can expect the brothers, Kevin and Jeff Saurer, to drop their hottest hits, such as Your Soul", "Devil Eyes", "Drifter", and "Options" making the crowd go wild. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Hippie Sabotage is one of the industry's highly sought-after EDM acts. Brothers Kevin and Jeff Saurer have shaken the scene, taking their infectious mixes, beats, and melodies to soaring heights. Following a massive year of new music and non-stop rave shows, the boys are set to kick off an awesome 2024 with a new tour, "Enter the Unknown".

Kicking off a new era, big surprises can be expected from the EDM duo. Last year's anthemic single "I Don't Care" made rounds in global EDM airwaves, setting the energy high for last year's Trailblazer Tour. With music that empowers the crowd, every beat drop makes a massive impact. Delivering their unique blend of hip-hop, rock, and electronic magic,l Hippie Sabotage is one for the books.

Last year's "I Don't Care" made massive rounds in the EDM scene, and their album "Trailblazer" was definitely a success. Opening a new chapter as a new year comes rushing in, their adrenaline-inducing brand of music will definitely keep fans in awe. With their signature blend of genres with their own electronic magic, they've produced a slew of wild party hits, including "Trust Nobody", "Waiting Too Long", "Life Happens", "Your Soul", and many more.

It all began when the brothers dropped their viral remix of Tove Lo's "Habits (Stay High)". Hitting #1 on Billboard's "Next Big Sound" chart, they quickly caught the attention of EDM fans, praised for their unique blend of hip-hop and rock to the electronic world. Releasing "Red Moon Rising" back in 2020, they shared music that aims to conquer life's hurdles, touching lives around the globe. In 2021, they released their album "Floating Palace", filled with anthems that bring listeners self-reflection and existential wonder.

Since then, they've dropped a slew of surprises and crowd-favorite hits, staying true to their passion for music that speaks, with every beat drop seeing a dose of infectious energy. Leading a new generation of EDM trailblazers, they're looking forward to entering the unknown, as 2024 brings in new surprises to watch out for.

Don't miss out on Hippie Sabotage's "Enter the Unknown" Tour as they embark on a new chapter of music. Book your tickets now!

Hippie Sabotage at Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

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