Franco Escamilla at Cal Coast Credit Union Air Theatre

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Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre | San Diego, California

Franco Escamilla

The Master of Sarcasm is about to touch down in San Diego! Mexican Comedian and voice actor Franco Escamilla presents his brand-new show “1995” at the Cal Coast Credit Union Air Theatre on Sunday, September 29th! Known for his YouTube videos and sarcastic adult jokes, this actor’s punchlines pack a punch as they’re often infused with dark but delightful humor that the world craves every now and then. His name may ring a bell if you’ve seen the 2022 Netflix TV special “Voyerista Auditivo,” which has been recognized with multiple awards and nominations. With a performance loaded with knee-slapping laughter, it’s a guaranteed great time with this comedic genius! Get ready to hear non-stop quips at the California stage that features expanded concessions and a widened concourse with sound quality that surpasses all concert venues in the area. Start reserving the best seats in the house by clicking the “Get Tickets” option above!

Franco Escamilla will be horsin’ around at the Cal Coast Credit Union Air Theatre on Sunday, September 29th, with his upcoming show “1995”! From its title, the show is set to spotlight the events, pop culture phenomena, and significant moments that shaped that special year.

The buzz around this top Mexican comedian is spreading like wildfire, and come fall, he'll be hitting stages in cities near you! Going by the names “El Diablo (the Devil)” and “El Amo del Sarcasmo (The Master of Sarcasm),” he has gained popularity for his YouTube content featuring sarcastic jokes tailored for the adult audience.

The word on the street? Fans can't stop talking about how his skits are both gut-bustingly funny and incredibly relatable. “Loved the show! Loved the fact that he does tell his stories. He doesn't just poke fun at the people in the front row like other famous comedians. He does curse quite a bit but it goes with his monologue. Still, Franco exceeded my expectations from start to finish!”

Having already conquered Netflix with a comedy special, his rightful place in Comedians of the World is a nod to his undeniable talent. But don't just take our word for it – the real magic happens when you watch his stand-up live! You’ll be glad to know that his expertise also extends to the world of acting as he’s appeared in Águila y Jaguar: Los Guerreros Legendarios (2022), The Waiter (2021), and the TV series Mr. Iglesias (2020).

Additionally, Franco has etched his name in history by becoming the first comedian to grace the stage of the National Auditorium on top of other major venues across Mexico, like the Mexico City Arena and the Staples Center. On this night, who knows? Perhaps you'll be making history too, so don't pass up on this opportunity!

Situated within the San Diego State University, this popular campus amphitheater guarantees over 4,500 stadium seats for entertainers, headliner concerts, and live events that grace Southern California’s Gem! With its fan-shaped layout, expect only the best sound quality from front-row seats all the way to the top concourse! Buy your tickets now for Franco Escamilla LIVE at the Cal Coast Credit Union Air Theatre on Sunday, September 29th!

Franco Escamilla at Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

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